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Upcoming public shows etc

I really never update this often enough.  Anyway, here is a small portion of what I have coming up over the next few months.

There is plenty more besides but these are the ones that I know are open to the general public.

11/02/16- Trying some new stand up material at the Freedom Fridge, Rose&Crown, Kentish Town.

15/02/16- Tentacular Spectacular at Brighton Sci Fest.  An evening spent talking about the joy of cephalopods.

17/02/16- Level Up Human at Brighton Science Fest.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Robin Ince, Kat Arney and Jules Howard.

18-20/02/16- Various performances at Smashfest, including Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show,  Cracking the Code and the Ugly Animal Roadshow.  All the events take place at the Albany Theatre, Deptford

20/02/16- Level Up Human at Smashfest.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Dan Schrieber, Sophie Scott and Frank Swain.

24/02/16-The SciComm Cabaret as part of NI science festival.

25/02/16- Level Up Human at the NI Science Festival.  This time with Helen Arney, Matthew Collins, Lorcan McGrane, Tony Bjourson, Shane McKee and other great guests.

26/02/16- The Ugly Animal Roadshow at Titanic Belfast.

27/02/16- Dissections Uncut at Titanic Belfast.

05/03/16- The Ugly Animal Roadshow will be at the Royal Holloway Science Festival.

11/03/16- Level Up Human will be at the Royal Institution Lates with Amy Howerska, James Logan and Timandra Harkness.

17/03/16- Doing stand up (probably about bats, not quite decided yet) at the Royal Veterinary College Lates.

29/03/16- An Evening of Unnecessary Detail  – doing some comedy with Festival of the Spoke Nerd and friends.

07-8/04/16-  The Ugly Animal Roadshow at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

07/04/16- Level Up Human at Edinburgh Science Festival.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Susan Morrison and Aubrey de Grey.

08/04/16- Death on Earth, Adventures in Evolution and Mortality at the Edinburgh Science Festival.  I’m teaming up with Jules Howard for this.