November stuff

Oh man but I am late on getting round to this one.

November is nearly over and I have just gotten round to telling you what I have coming up.

So here are a few things I have missed.  2 more episodes of Level Up Human have gone live.

Ep 14 with Steve Cross, Mathew Tata and Catie Williams at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

and Ep 15  at the Black Box Theatre for the Northern Ireland Science Festival with Dr. Matthew Collins, Triona O’Connell, Shane McKee.

On RTEjnr Rocketeers is still repeating.  Check it out if you are in Ireland and have kids that like SPACE!

And here are some public things yet to come.

22/11/16- Museum Show Off.  Should be great fun.

27/11/16- Galway Science festival!

30/11/16- I am at Science Museum lates, teaming up with Julia Shaw to explore why eye witness testimony is rubbish.