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2017- January, February and beyond….

Hi everyone.

One of my New Year’s resolutions had been to update my website a bit more often.  I have broken that one already……

So here is what I have going on.

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Keep your eyes peeled, I have some good news coming on 24th January.

I think The Rocketteers is still being repeated on RTEjnr at the moment so if you are in Ireland and have kids with an interest in space, then check it out.

Wednesday 11/01/17 A new episode of Level Up Human is out with me, the tremendous comedian Neil Delamere, rocket scientist David McKeown and medic and TV presenter Lara Dungan.

25/01/17 We will release Ep 20 of Level Up Human- Subscribe now.  This episode will be from Oxfordshire Science Festival

Thursday 26/01/17 The Ugly Animal Preservation Society has a gig at the Croydon Comedy Festival at the Spreadeagle.

Thursday 02/02/17 I will be MCing the Sheffield Famelab heat.

Wednesday 08/02/16 We will be releasing another episode of Level Up Human.  This one was recorded at the Albany theatre for Smashfest with Dan Schrieber, Prof Sophie Scott and Frank Swain.

Saturday 11/02/17  I will be at Brighton Science Festival performing my history of medicine panto- Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show.

16-17/02/17 I will be at SMASHFEST at the Albany Theatre in Deptford.

18-20/02/17  I will be at the Northern Ireland Science Festival

Saturday 18th– Belfast- Cracking the Code

Sunday 19th– Derry – The Ugly Animal Roadshow 

Monday20th Belfast – The Real Urban Jungle 

Friday 24/02/16 – I will be MCing Bright Club Southampton

Tuesday 28/02/16 – I will be joining the ever-brilliant Festival of the Spoken Nerd for an Evening of Unnecessary Detail at The Backyard Comedy Club.  

Then in March, I have a lot on but here are some highlights to get in the diary

Thursday 16/03/17 – Cambridge Science Festival at the Wellcome Genome Campus with Samantha Baines.

Wednesday 22/03/17 – Stand Up Human! A live comedy night featuring some of our favourite contributors from previous shows and a show case for new pitches! 

Wednesday 29/03/17 – Royal Society special at the Science Museum with Paul Sinha.

Upcoming public shows etc

I really never update this often enough.  Anyway, here is a small portion of what I have coming up over the next few months.

There is plenty more besides but these are the ones that I know are open to the general public.

11/02/16- Trying some new stand up material at the Freedom Fridge, Rose&Crown, Kentish Town.

15/02/16- Tentacular Spectacular at Brighton Sci Fest.  An evening spent talking about the joy of cephalopods.

17/02/16- Level Up Human at Brighton Science Fest.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Robin Ince, Kat Arney and Jules Howard.

18-20/02/16- Various performances at Smashfest, including Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show,  Cracking the Code and the Ugly Animal Roadshow.  All the events take place at the Albany Theatre, Deptford

20/02/16- Level Up Human at Smashfest.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Dan Schrieber, Sophie Scott and Frank Swain.

24/02/16-The SciComm Cabaret as part of NI science festival.

25/02/16- Level Up Human at the NI Science Festival.  This time with Helen Arney, Matthew Collins, Lorcan McGrane, Tony Bjourson, Shane McKee and other great guests.

26/02/16- The Ugly Animal Roadshow at Titanic Belfast.

27/02/16- Dissections Uncut at Titanic Belfast.

05/03/16- The Ugly Animal Roadshow will be at the Royal Holloway Science Festival.

11/03/16- Level Up Human will be at the Royal Institution Lates with Amy Howerska, James Logan and Timandra Harkness.

17/03/16- Doing stand up (probably about bats, not quite decided yet) at the Royal Veterinary College Lates.

29/03/16- An Evening of Unnecessary Detail  – doing some comedy with Festival of the Spoke Nerd and friends.

07-8/04/16-  The Ugly Animal Roadshow at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

07/04/16- Level Up Human at Edinburgh Science Festival.  Live recording of my new podcast series.  This time with Susan Morrison and Aubrey de Grey.

08/04/16- Death on Earth, Adventures in Evolution and Mortality at the Edinburgh Science Festival.  I’m teaming up with Jules Howard for this.