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October 2016 events etc.

I am doing my best to update my website a bit more.  So here are some of the public things I am doing this month.

This is what I have on this month.

I have a new article out- Why Do More Men Than Women Commit Suicide?

Saturday 01/10/16- I will be at Centre for Life in Newcastle doing my Ugly Animal Roadshow.

Sunday 02/10/16- Still in Newcastle- talking about dissecting large animals to support the wonderful Bodyworks: Animals Inside Out exhibition at the Centre for Life.

Tuesday 04/10/16- I’m giving my Why We Die Lecture at the Linnean Society.

Wednesday 05/10/16- A new episode of Level Up Human is out.  This one was recorded at Wilderness festival and my guests were Lindsay Sharman, Maia Elliot and Jamie Upton.

I have my first childrens TV show kicking off this month.  To celebrate space week RTEjr have released 5 episodes on their app.  The series is starting on RTEjr this coming Saturday October 8th at 5.10pm.

Monday 31/10/16- I’m comedying at the Good Ship with Ben Van Der Velde, Paul Duncan McGarity, Katie Pritchard, Will Seaward and Andrew O’Neil.

Up coming events- SMASHFEST, NI Science Fest and more

I have a busy few weeks ahead, with a fair few events open for one and all to come to.

16/02/15- I will be performing at SMASHFEST at the Albany Theatre all day including the Ugly Animal Ark and at the End of the World Cabaret.

I am off to the first Northern Ireland Science Festival for a ton of events.

19/02/15- I’ll be hosting Bright Club Belfast, a night of science based comedy at The Black Box.

20/02/15 – The Ugly Animal Roadshow is coming to Belfast at 2pm in the Black Box.

21/02/15- I will be performing my history of medicine panto, Dr Death and the MediEvil Medicine show at W5 as part of a day of activities accompanying the bodyworks exhibition.

22/02/15- I’ll be giving a lecture on the evolution of death, Why We Die at 3pm the Black Box.

25/02/15- I will be talking about the Science of Sex in the Flight Gallery of the Science Museum at the Science Museum Lates.

05/03/15- I’ll be performing The Ugly Animal Roadshow at the Cokethorpe school at 6pm as part of Oxfordshire Science Festival.

11/03/15- I’ll be giving a talk on the Science of Sex at MOSI (the Museum of Science and Industry).

Plenty more after that, but that will do for now.