Talks & Performances

I make regular appearances at festivals and other events around the country.  These are some of the lectures I currently offer for adults audiences.

Simon in Space

Simon Watt has been doing some research; well he has been watching a lot of movies.  Taking The Origin of Species and the Alien trilogy as a starting point, come learn why a biologically accurate alien invasion film would be rubbish.

Adults only- 17+


I have this talk or parts of it at the Cheltenham Science Festival, the Science Museum and the Royal Institution.

Sperm Warfare

So you’ve found a healthy, fertile mate, you’ve fought off your rivals and you’ve convinced them that you are what they were looking for.  Sorted!  But the reproductive race is far from over, my friend.  We have entered the realms of Sperm Warfare. Come learn about the devious tricks used by cells, organs and bodies to win the race to fertilisation.

Topics- evolution, sexual selection, sperm competition, reproductive physiology, mating systems.

Duration- 50 min

Audience- 17+ and adult

This award-winning lecture has appeared at the Cheltenham, York, British and Newcastle, Science Festivals as well as at other interesting science events around the country.


Dissections Uncut

Dissections Uncut.

On Channel 4’s “Inside Nature’s Giants”, scientists went under the skin of some massive animals to figure out what made them tick.  Join presenter Simon Watt as we look at some of the fascinating science that didn’t make the final cut.

This lecture has appeared at the British, York, Edinburgh, Oxford and Newcastle Science Festivals as well as at many other interesting science events around the country.


Why We Die


Death might not be certain, though taxes, probably are.  In this lecture, featuring immortal jelly fish, the world’s slowest bacteria and the trip Darwin took to a séance, biologist Simon Watt delves into the surprising science behind why we die, and what the alternatives might be. Come satisfy your morbid curiosity.

The content of this lecture, grabbed a great deal of media attention and some of the ideas are further covered in these articles in the Sun (penned by me) , the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the Week.


The Real Urban Jungle

Nature is under attack. The rain forests are shrinking, the ice caps melting, the seas poisoned. But there is one habitat that is expanding and thriving: the urban jungle. Our cities are not just filled with human life but with a surprising array of species that have come to live alongside us. In the heart of the city, evolution is moving at breakneck speed. Countless species are adapting to living in towns and, in some cases, entirely new species are being born. Join Simon Watt as he looks at some of our new neighbours.

This lecture is on a topic that I have written about for The Times and talked about on RTE as part of the Wild Cities series.