Are you a research institute with academics who could use some training?  Look no further!

I love to share my experience and expertise and contribute to the development of others science communication skills.

I have lectured and lead seminars at a university level on a variety of topics pertinent to the fields of science communication and public engagement.  These include-

  • Performance and public speaking skills.
  • The importance of Public Engagement with research.
  • A practical guide to the use of narrative in science communication.
  • Finding the right tools for the right project.
  • Science in the media.

Past clients have included the University of York, Leeds Education Business Partnership, the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Strathclyde University and Glasgow University, the Wellcome Genome Campus, the Natural History Museum and Sheffield University.

I am also train researchers to perform stand-up comedy.  I have led comedy and theatre workshops for tons of institutions around the UK and Ireland.

If you would like a workshop, lecture or seminar on any of these topics, or to discuss other opportunities, then please get in touch.

GreenSTEMs training day

“It was great for confidence building in public speaking.”

“The training was really fun.  I have lots of things to think about”

“I wish some of my lecturers knew the things I learnt!”

Anonymous feedback from various training events.