I write about science. Here are links to some of my work.

I have written a book and there are more on the way.  The Ugly Animals: We Can’t All be Pandas profiles 60 aesthetically-challenged endangered creatures that deserve a little more time in the media spot light.  I thought someone should write a book about them- so I DID!


I also contributed three chapters to the Inside Natures Giants book.

I was a regular contributor to, the now sadly defunct, Times magazine Eureka.  Here are some of my articles on polar hybridization, cooking and evolution, the “Hasslehoff” crab,  the evolution of flight and pandemics. The Times operates a pay-wall so you must have a subscription to read the full article.  There are plenty more in there if you like my stuff, including quite a bit for the Sunday Times.

These articles for the Daily Telegraph concerning devil facial tumour disease and the surprisingly deep voice of the koala can be read in full online. I have also written for the Huffington Post, the New York Daily News, the Daily Mirror, The Independent, Psychologies Magazine, Frontiers, The Sun and The Guardian.

I love writing and seem to spend a fair bit of my spare time writing short horror stories that I share with no one on account of their deviance.  If you want to read some you will have to ask me nicely.