One of my jobs is as a telly presenter.

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  • 2016- Rocketeers– RTE Junior.  This was my first time presenting a children’s TV series and talking about space science.  It was first broadcast during Irish Space Week in October 2016.
  • 2016- Wild Cities– RTE 1. I was lead presenter for the Belfast episode and was lucky enough to film with badgers, foxes, newts, starlings, butterflies and kingfishers.  The variety of life that can be found within the bustling boundaries of Belfast’s urban heart was astonishing.
  • 2016- Eureka: The Big Bang Query– RTE 2. It was a delight to share a panel with some of my favourite comedians in the form of Neil Delamer, Zoe Lyons and Alun Cochrane.
  • 2009-2013- Inside Nature’s Giants– Channel 4 and National Geographic.  I was one of the four-strong presenting team for the series working alongside Mark Evans, Joy Reidenberg and Richard Dawkins. We ran for four series and won a shed load of awards including a BAFTA.   It was my first major presenting role and involved filming all over the world often while skydiving, diving with sharks, whales and dolphins, riding NASA machinery and racing camels. It was a brilliant baptism of fire.
  • 2010- The Elephant: Life After Death– Channel 4 and Discovery.  I was lead presenter in a team of scientists who over the course of a month in Kenya watched the ecosystem that built up around the carcass of a dead elephant. It was a fantastic chance to blend film making with cutting edge science and learn more about the lives’ of the scavengers and the food web that forms around enormous corpses like this.

Over the years I have made dozens of guest appearances and talked about all sorts of science on shows such as The Saturday Show, 5 News, 4 Thought, BBC News, Sunday Brunch, The Alan Titchmarch Show, Sky News, BBC Worldwide News, Discovery News, 1001 Things You Should Know, BBC Make it Digital and a host of other programmes.

Behind the camera, I have worked in development for Tigress films and was a writer for the Wild Bear show Faces Only A Mother Can Love which will be broadcast on National Georgaphic Channel in 2016.

Here are some more clips from various of the shows I have worked on.

Wild Cities- Belfast

Each episode focused on the wildlife found in the heart of some of Ireland’s urban centres. I was the lead presenter for the Belfast episode.  It was first broadcast on RTE in Feb 2016.

The Elephant: Life After Death.

For this unique TV experiment we erected “Big Brother” style secret cameras around the decaying corpse of an elephant in the Kenyan wilderness to see how the animal’s death affected the food web and to look more closely at the incredible scavengers that visited the carcass.  This time-lapse clip sums it up rather well.

Here is a link to an interview I did about the series.

Inside Nature’s Giants.

This was a terrific show to work on!  Many old episodes can be watched on demand at 4OD or you can buy the first series on DVD and many of the later episodes individually.  There is also a book, featuring chapters penned by myself and the rest of the team.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of what we got up to.


My first childrens TV show and my first time talking about space science on the tellybox. Here is the promo released to accompany the early release of the first 5 episodes on the RTEJnr App.