Science Shows For Schools

Here is what we currently offer for primary schools and for secondary schools

We have appeared and performed in schools, universities, museums, science centres, theatres, debates, food and drink festivals, music festivals, science festivals, and also appeared on the internet, radio and television!

Our science shows for schools are an excellent means of linking the class room to the wider world and provide a treat for school children.

We also write scripts and shows for use by others. If your museum, theatre or science centre has a tricky topic to deal with, why not enlist our help? So far we have written Podcast scripts, historical site-specific theatre pieces, and fascinating tour scripts.

We are always up for a challenge!

Prices vary depending on travel to venue, size of audience and what is asked for.  We offer discounts for multiple bookings.  We can be surprisingly cheap so please contact us for a quote.

“Science is fun” said a year one pupil. Great fun, an educational way of introducing experiments, testing and so on. Very motivational and “hands on” learning. Encouraged children to think, observe and reason.  Well done!

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