Shows for Primary Schools

The Ugly Animal Road Show

Simon Watt is President for Life of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a comedy night with a conservation twist.  You can find out more about the society here or watch their videos here.  The show has been so successful that many have requested a school version; here it is!

At the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, we celebrate and explore the incredible biology of the animal kingdom’s most monstrous.  What adaptations make them amazing?  How did such hideous creatures evolve in the first place.  The show features videos, demonstrations and lots and lots of audience participation.

Topics – Evolution, extinction, conservation, adaptation.

Duration – Adaptable 30min- 50min.

Audience – Adaptable content.  Key stage 2-4 and even adult.

This show has been hailed as an example of British Science Communication at its best and so been performed as part of a tour of Canada, Ireland and the UK as well as in Bulgaria, Mexico and the USA.

“I support the ugly animal campaign. There are too many people trying to save cute animals. They get all the press, and all the attention.”

Professor Brian Cox

“Amazingly well prepared and organised resources.  Engaging use of humour and games to introduce key evolutionary concepts and issues. A passionate and enthusiastic speaker!”  ….“Outstanding!  This was really well explained, engaging and fun!”….”Very engaging and energetic presentation. Good interaction with audience. Brought the topic to life”

Various, teachers attending GSCE Science Day at the Institute of Education

“I am voting for the greater short-horned lizard as ugly animal mascot – it shoots blood out of its eyes!”

Stephen Fry

Look Up with Simon Watt

Simon explores some of the science behind space exploration. Which planet is hottest? Which would float in a swimming pool?Which is the most studied? And just how much space is in space? Join him in this live show to see what experiments you can recreate at home or school and learn about what you can see if you only look up!

Topics – Our solar system, telescopes, rockets, atronauts, Copernicus, Galileo, the Mars rover, the hunt for alien life

Duration – 30 -60 min.

Audience – Families and schools.  Features animation, demonstrations and audience participation.

This show is about some of the science behind the hit RTE Jnr TV show, The Rocketeers.  Simon was the presenter.

Playing With Your Food

A variety of short, fun experiments concerning food and drink.  What happens if you hit custard with a hammer?  Why are eggs so eggselently designed? How do you make a balloon kebab?  Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

Topics – The process of science, forces, food science, basic chemistry, basic physics.

Duration – Adaptable, 20-50 min

Audience- Key stage 2 and younger.

“Lucky to be one of those naturally funny people.  Really, really good.”

James Pricey. Science Communicator. Norfolk.

Dr Death and The Medi-Evil Medicine Show

A historically, scientifically accurate panto for children and other childish people.

Sneezes, wheezes, sickness and diseases are never welcome.  But in the past, some of the treatments could be worse than the underlying illness.  Join the time-travelling ‘Doctor Death’, Simon Watt, to see if he can ‘cure’ you.

Warning: This show promises blood, guts, gore and a lot more!

Topics – History of medicine, hygiene, anatomy, disease.

Duration – 50 -60 min.

Audience – Families and schools.  Features animation, puppetry and audience participation.

‘The children absolutely loved the show – their attention was held throughout and they all wanted to get involved

Pamela. Teacher. Northern Ireland